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What Will It Cost?

"What will my project cost?" That's usually among the first questions.

One thing we tell our clients is that "We don't set the price... you do. You set it by your scope of work, choice of material, products, equipment, and timeline."

We understand that a general price guideline is sometimes helpful, so we have developed basic costs for basement refinishing, kitchen remodels and bath remodels. Other projects require project-based pricing, which we cannot predict until we see your project.

If you would like to receive our price guidelines for basement finishing, kitchen or bath remodels, please click the CONTACT button above and request the pricing guidelines for the project you are contemplating (basement, kitchen or bath).

As a final note, most homeowners set their budgets at about 40-45% of what the TRUE construction costs will be. (Too much HGTV, perhaps.) So it's wise to factor that into your budget-setting process.


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